Home Depot Offers Home Wind Turbine

Apparently Walmart isn’t the only big-box retailer peddling wind turbines. Home Depot, where it seems like one can buy almost anything to improve their home with, is also playing in the clean energy sandbox with this 400 watt wind generator for sale at its website.

The turbine is made by Flagstaff, Arizona company Southwest Windpower and is said to be capable of delivering an average monthly energy output of 38 kilowatt hours based on average wind speeds of 12 mph. According to the listed specs, the turbine will become active in winds as low as 8 mph and can safely function in up to 110 mph winds thanks to built-in electronic torque control that prevents it from spinning too quickly.

Home Depot Wind Turbine

image via Home Depot

The wind generator is intended to be tied in to a battery storage system. The turbine apparently comes with a built in regulator that will shut the turbine down once batteries are charged to capacity.  While it does come with a charge controller, the product does not include an inverter to convert the stored DC voltage into AC for home use. An optional tower mount kit is also sold separately.

The rotor diameter on this turbine comes in at about 4 feet. The apparatus, without the tower mount, weighs about 17 lbs. The product is protected by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and is available for $649.00 with free shipping when ordered online.

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