Green Tech Guide To Seattle Green Festival

Coming up on May 21st and 22nd the Seattle Green Festival will be held at the Qwest Event Center, where a wide range of environmental and socially responsible businesses and organizations will come together to celebrate all things green across the nation.

Sponsored by Global Exchange and Green America, which are non-profit membership organizations that focus on business as a tool for positive change, the Seattle Green Festival is one of the largest consumer focused green events in the nation. To educate the public about the current workings of those within the green community, a wide array of both national and local authors, celebrities, visionaries and activists will be speaking throughout the weekend.

The two-day event , of which EarthTechling is a media sponsor, will include music, a chance to indulge in local vegetarian cuisine, shopping opportunities at the green marketplace, and, of course, a chance to browse the many inventive and resourceful green tech solutions for a more sustainable world.

To celebrate the passion and creativity of the many vendors who will be present at the event, we decided to take a quick look at some companies and see what kind of green gizmos and gadgets we can expect to see showcased at the celebration.

Bravo Electric Vehicles (BEV)

image via Bravo

This company will be showcasing its selection of fun and environmentally friendly EVT Scooters, which can provide up to 35 miles of driving time. The quiet Bravo EVT-4000e will allow for a clean and green commute, and can be plugged into any standard household outlet. With an aerodynamic look, the scooter has zero-emissions and is approved for public roads.

Green Depot

This company, which is dedicated to environmental and living opportunities, includes a variety of creative and green means to a healthier home environment. One of its newest feature items, the Bonded Logic Ultratouch, allows you to insulate your home with recycled cotton materials. Made from cotton fibers recovered from blue jean and other textiles, this product offers excellent thermal qualities made from materials that won’t cause itching or skin irritation. The re-used cotton fibers are treated with an EPA-registered fungal inhibitor that offers excellent protection from mold, mildew, fungus and pests, and provides outstanding fire-resistance.

NW Wind & Solar

If you are looking for new ways to power your home and you live in a windy environment, NW Wind and Solar offers wind-powered electricity generating systems designed for your dwelling. By using this grid-tied system, residential wind electric systems usually consist of a pole-mounted wind turbine installed in an unobstructed area. The heights of the turbines offered begin at 35-feet-tall, but they can be higher to capture even more of the surrounding prevailing winds if desired. Average electricity production with prevailing 12 mph winds have been known to yield approximately 400 kWh per month.

Solar Goose

image via Solar Goose

This company is dedicated to creative ways to utilize solar power for everyday use. Its solar iPad charger can attain a full charge in the sunlight within 8 to 12 hours and includes a carrier pouch for the iPad, which is cushioned for a worry and scratch-free product experience. It can also be charged for five hours to attain a full battery from your computer or AC outlet. You can also lean the charger on a flat surface and charge while simultaneously watching a movie.

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