Green Program Boosts New Hampshire Economy

Last year, New Hampshire Governor John Lynch created “Green Launching Pad”. The effort partnered up The University of New Hampshire (UNH) and the state in an effort to help innovative companies bring new products to market and create jobs. As a result, UNH faculty, staff, and students reportedly provided intensive support to five New Hampshire companies working to bring clean, new energy products to market. Apprently, the program was a success and the work is set to be repeated this year.

A recent statement issued by the University of New Hampshire indicates that six companies have been chosen to receive this year’s round of Green Launching Pad funding. The six companies that will receive funds and assistance are  SustainX Inc. of Lebanon, Blue2Green of Ashland, Holase Inc. of Portsmouth, New England Footwear of Newmarket, Therma-HEXX of Exeter, and Walker-Wellington of Portsmouth.

Green Jobs

image via St. Francis University

The Green Launching Pad is funded with $1.5 million of federal economic stimulus funds from the U.S. Department of Energy. Through the second year of the program, Governor Lynch expects to see a continuation of the success he says was witnessed last year. The program apparently did much to boost jobs and improve the state’s economy.

It was reported that about 50 businesses and entrepreneurs submitted applications to take part in the Green Launching Pad. An advisory board selected the aforementioned six business teams that will be supported during “an intensive summer business accelerator program based in the Seacoast and aligned with UNH.”

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