Green Cars A California Clean Air Savior?

The American Lung Association in California has released a report that says the state could save billions of dollars and hundreds of lives if it implements stricter clean air standards.

The president of the organization said that 90% of Californians live in areas with unhealthy air, and that by drastically strengthening emission regulations, major air pollution-related health issues would be reduced by 70%, which could save over 400 lives and up to approximately $8 billion in societal costs.

image via Nissan

An engineering consulting firmed called TIAX was contracted to analyze the potential benefits of possible future vehicle standards, and according to their data, the American Lung Association of California has come up with suggestions for tighter regulation control.

The American Lung Association in California recommends that, starting in 2017 until 2025, new cars be required to reduce smog forming pollution by 75% compared to today’s standards, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45%, and ensure that 20% of the new cars on the road be zero-emission, like¬†electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids that primarily operate in all-electric mode. The group says that without improvements to clean air standards, the average car is responsible for the equivalent of $1.19 in health damages per gallon of gasoline consumed.

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