Fried Chicken Goes LEED In Indianapolis

LEED certified KFC’s? Yes, we say, believe it or not. While the fried chicken franchise may not get high marks for the sustainability of its supply chain, it seems to be seeking green credibility in terms of its buildings.

The case in point: back in 2009, a KFC/Taco Bell in Northampton, Massachusetts, earned LEED Gold. Now Indianopolis’s newest KFC is on track to do the same.


image via KFC

This new restaurant, located at 6154 North Keystone Avenue, was designed to use 25 percent less energy and water than a conventional KFC via energy-efficient cooking equipment, LED lighting and low-flow water features.  It also features locally sourced building materials, waste recycling (including cooking oil and plastics), and parking preferences for (yes) hybrid vehicles.

Will the Prius crowd in Indianapolis now feel inclined to hit the old KFC on the way back from shopping at Whole Foods? That, of course, remains to be seen, but this is clearly a big step for “the world’s largest chicken restaurant chain” and, as such, should at least get a polite golf clap.

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