Ecotality Installs 1,000th Charging Station

Ecotality, project managers of an electric charging station initiative partially funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) called The EV Project, recently announced that its 1,000th residential charging unit had been installed. The news comes just following the DOE’s announcement of several milestones in electric infrastructure goals in select regions across the country.

The EV Project claims 14,000 electric charging stations, a combination of public and private, will be installed before the end of the year, and as we get closer to the mid-year mark, it seems that summer installations will have to ramp-up in order to meet that number.

electric vehicle charging station, ECOtality

image via ECOtality

Ecotality’s public stations include units at some participating Macy’s, Best Buy, and BP locations. Plus, drivers can also use Ecotality’s mobile application to find available chargers in the area. Around 8,300 electric vehicles are being deployed as part of The EV Project, and the variety of public stations will hopefully give consumers more confidence in driving cars like the Nissan Leaf, or using the Chevy Volt in all-electric mode.

The total cost of The EV Project is $230 million, about half of which was funded by private investors and the other half from federal funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It will be a few more months before the success of Ecotality’s management of $114.8M in tax-payer money can be judged, but hopefully the program will set new standards for green driving in at least some areas.

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