Bio Natural Gas Said To Hold Promise

Cleantech research and consulting firm Kachan & Co has just issued a report that would indicate bio natural gas could provide the means for utilities to meet government renewable energy mandates, by complementing energy sourced from solar and wind farms.

Bio natural gas (BNG) differs from other biogases in that it is said to be chemically similar to fossil-based natural gas, but derived from biological materials. That being the case, it can be injected into natural gas pipelines for transportation and compressed in LNG/CNG forms for transportation fuels. Whereas biogas obtained from landfills and through anaerobic digestion must typically be used on site, BNG can be delivered through the infrastructure that is already laid down for fossil-based natural gas.

image via Harvest Power

Dallas Kachan, Managing Partner of Kachan & Co admits that it could take the bio natural gas vendors that were profiled in the report 10 years or more to reach today’s fossil-based natural gas scale, but asserts that BNG a could eventually become a low cost  way for utilities to generate renewable power 24/7.

Apparently FortisBC, an energy company in British Columbia, Canada, is already injecting BNG into its existing natural gas distribution system as a beginning toward offering  renewable natural gas options to its customers.

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