An Electric Scooter From the Future

The future, it seems, is now. BPG Motors has released a new electric scooter called the Uno III, and it appears to be from a place in space and time where electric vehicle makers took the design sense of films like Tron and Akira quite literally.

The scooter’s unique two-in-one, or dicycle, approach has been receiving some attention online, as well it should, because the vehicle can go from upright scooter to three-wheel electric motorbike while still in motion.

image via BPG Motors

There’s no doubt the Uno III is one of the cooler electric vehicles we’ve seen, but how about its performance? Well, it’s not bad, which is to say it’s not great. The company says the vehicle can fit in an elevator or apartment when in upright mode, but that limits the speed to 15 miles per hour. When fully extended, the scooter can reach a top speed of 30 miles per hour, not bad for urban traffic, but not something to take on the highway.

image via BPG Motors

The vehicle is stated to have a range of up to 35 miles on a single charge, which takes roughly four hours to reach full battery capacity. BPG Motors expects the first Uno III to be ready for commercial sales sometime in 2012, and that the vehicle will cost around $7,500. Pre-orders are available on the company’s website for a $250 deposit.

To see the Uno III go from a single, two-wheel upright position to a fully extended, three-wheel bike, check out the video below:

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