Amtrak Seeks Private High Speed Rail Partners

Amtrak is trying to drum up funding for a proposed Northeast Corridor high speed rail project that would run a 220 mile per hour train from Washington D.C. to Boston. Currently, the service provider is in the process of finalizing a business plan that includes analyzing proposals from private companies looking to support development, and targeting a 2013 fiscal year federal budget request.

Proposals from private investors must be sent to Amtrak by June 10th in order to be considered in the company’s future plan, but the company says many firms have already expressed interest in the project.

Amtrak Acelo Express at New Haven Union

image via Wikipedia Commons

Amtrak is planning to roll out a step-by-step process for the Northeast Corridor rail, starting with a line between Philadelphia to New York, New York to Washington D.C., then New York to Hartford, and finally Hartford to Boston, completing the proposed segment.

The U.S. Department of Transportation recently awarded Amtrak $450 million to upgrade a 24 mile stretch of that potential corridor in order to support train speeds of up to 160 miles per hour, certainly an important step, but only a fraction of the way towards the final goal. There is hope for more of these projects being completed, however, since Florida’s governor rejected $2 billion in federal funds, which are now being spread out to other rail projects in select regions across the country.

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