Zero Carbon Franchise Building Runs Itself

How do you make a franchise opportunity super compelling? Just ask Atlantic Windshield Repair (AWR). They’ve managed to take their windshield chip repair business and wrap it up into a totally inclusive package-building, tools, workstation, supplies…everything- that can be ordered up and plopped down just about anywhere. For help in developing the building, AWR partnered up with Alabama based Seale Solar who has designed and built a fully “off the grid” franchise building for the company.

The building is designed with a solar system that powers the building, a reverse osmosis system that purifies captured rain water and a composting toilet that processes human waste into a mulch material that can be used as a fertilizer.

Green Franchise

image via Atlantic Windshield

The building, which Seale Solar calls a “Micro-Franchise” is only 17′ x 40′. The developer says that it is the first commercial facility in the U.S. to be given a license to use a composting toilet and the first to use a rain water recovery system. According to the building specs, the solar system can generate up to 13 KWH a day. Its water system can process up to 20 gallons of rain water into potable water and deliver it with a pressure of 50 psi. The composting toilet system is powered by solar energy and  will handle up to 5 lbs of waste a day.

Seal hopes that commercial developers will find the pre-fabricated buildings attractive because they take up little space (about 5 parking spaces) are easy to install and represent a revenue stream with little set-up cost involved since the building does not require utility hookups.

Of course, to be truly self-sustaining, the building will need sun to generate its own electricity and frequent enough rain to keep the capture tank full of water. So, the building may not be ideal for every region of the U.S.

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