U.S. Electric Unicycles Bound For Russia

BayRu, a Chicago-based online retailer, has announced that they will be the exclusive, online seller of Focus Design’s SBU 2.0 electric unicycle to Russian consumers. We reported on Focus Design, a Camus, Washington based company, and their strange concept back in October of last year, but the expansion into Russian markets is an interesting opportunity.

The unicycle has a range of about 12 miles and and a top speed of 10 miles per hour, about the same of a solid running pace. Russian consumers looking to own one of the recreational vehicles will have to spend about $3,500, which includes shipping, but is almost $2,000 more than what the same device costs in the U.S. market.

image via Focus Designs

We’ve seen an interesting variety of personal electric powered vehicles over the last few months, including a similar unicycle device from Honda called the UX-3, a product called the Solowheel which riders stand on, a weird unicycle hybrid from New Zealand’s YikeBike, and even a sporty-model from Oregon’s RYNO Micro-Cycle that has a top-speed of 25 miles per hour.

So does the culmination of so many interesting devices signal the boom of personal electric transportation devices? A representative from BayRu was quoted as saying the electric unicycle from Focus Designs will sell-out fast in the Russian market. But quite frankly, we’re not so sure about the overall adoption of these devices beyond early adopters. They are still pretty cool though.

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