The Earth Day Green Gadget List

With Earth Day only a few days away, we thought we would bring to you some of our favorite green gadgets that we believe are shining examples of the many ways we can celebrate our environment and have a little geek out tech fun at the same time.

Sunflower Lunchbox concept

image via Yanko Design

If you are thinking about going on a hike this weekend, the solar powered bento box could be the perfect gadget concept to bring with you to the mountains. Designed to keep cold food cold and hot food hot, the stacking compartments are laced with solar cells, and charge through a suction cup. This way, when you are in your remote location, you can individually heat or cool your food with the simple touch of a button.

If you are planning on mowing your yard this weekend  the Lawn beetle, conceptually designed by YunJin Chang of Seoul, is another way the sun’s energy can be helpful. Modeled after the dung beetle, the automatic lawn mower features blades on its bottom powered by solar panels on top while simultaneously clipping grass into a glass bowl.

Sun Jar

image via ThinkGeek

Another green gadget that celebrates the beauty of renewable energy is the Sun Jar, which can help kids capture solar power. Although they resemble a traditional jam jar, these jars include highly efficient lids with solar cells, rechargeable batteries and LED.

You might also be able to charge your cell phone with your clothes in the near future by harnessing the energy you put out every time you move and storing it in a battery. Auckland Bioengineering Institute in New Zealand has developed “flexible electronics” that may be pliable enough to appear virtually undetectable when worn.

Innovez iPhone 4 Case

image via Innovez

This new stylish and biodegradable iPhone case is another useful cell-phone technology, which is not only capable of protecting your phone from high impact, but can also be recycled once its time runs out. Made from an EcoPure material, this Slider Case for the iPhone4 comes in multiple colors and is fashioned with advanced biodegradable transparent material.

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