Sweden’s Fast Charging Plug-In Hybrid Bus

The university city of Umea, Sweden is said to be debuting the world’s first fast charging rechargeable plug-in hybrid bus called the Arctic Whisper.

Converted by Swedish company e-Traction, the Volvo 7700 bus is a diesel hybrid vehicle, but can operate in all-electric mode for 1 to 3 hours. But, by adding a Spanish made Opbrid S.L. charging station at the end of the bus’s daily route, the team says the bus will be able to run for 18 hours in electric mode.

image via Opbrid S.L.

Because the city of Umea is filled with students, there’s a large bus population. But, because the city located in the northern portion of Sweden, fuel prices can be quite costly, and the area has access to hydro and wind power, making electric a decent alternative. We recently reported on similar green transit initiatives in the same greater region in the form of a group of fuel cell buses in Norway.

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