Sunverge Showcasing Net Zero Energy Home

Last year, GE hinted at the possibility of bringing a turn-key style net-zero energy home to market by 2015. Now there appears to be another horse in that  race. International Battery recently announced a partnership with Sunverge Energy that will lead to a  “live demonstration of a microgrid with a 2700 square foot net-zero energy home” at the Philadelphia Navy Yard’s Clean Energy Innovation Hub.

Sunverge makes Solar Integration Systems (SIS). Their solutions combine solar power generation with battery storage, energy use monitoring and several other features. The goal of their systems is to capture the sun’s energy when it is most plentiful and store it for use later when sun is not so plentiful or during peak demand hours, when the cost of electricity is at its highest.

Net Zero Home

image via S&A Homes

For the demonstration, Sunverge will display an SIS that utilizes an 8.2 kilowatt-hour Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack made by International Battery. The conservatively sized SIS measures in at 14” deep, 24” wide and 73” tall.  The battery in the system will provide the storage needed to help the systems supply the home with stable, on-demand power.

Sunverge’s system will be at the heart of the net-zero energy home demonstration presented at the Hub. The Navy Yard’s Energy Innovation Hub is a national center for the research, education and  commercialization of energy-related technologies. The national lab spans 1,200 acres with over seven miles of waterfront property and 5.5 million square feet of facilities.The campus supports a workforce of 8,000 in over 100 companies.

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