Rooftop Solar Comes To Sunny Nice, France

The coastal city of Nice, France, is a popular tourist destination known for its architecture, high-end shopping, sandy beaches and excellent food. The capital of the Côte d’Azur benefits from about 300 days of sunshine and is a regular stop for cruise ships on Mediterranean itineraries. It is not, however, known as one of Europe’s green energy hubs. That could be changing, though, after United Solar announced the installation of a new rooftop solar power plant placed atop the Nice Saint Isidore Eco-vallee Business Park.

The site, owned by the Nice Cote d’Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), is comprised of  four buildings with a total of 9,000 square meters (96,875 square feet) of rooftop real estate. United Solar reports that the Nice CCI wants to convert the site into the region’s first green energy producer.

Nice Roof Solar

image via Uni-Solar

Uni-Solar, who provided the PV laminate for the installation, says the 570 kilowatt rooftop solar power plant is capable of a yearly production of 650,000 kilowatt hours, which is enough to power 260 French homes and saves 6,165 tons of CO2 emissions.

Valsolar, a local PV provider in the area,  was tasked with installing the system which would share the responsibility of  waterproofing the building. To satisfy the waterproofing requirement, Valsolar partnered with Soprema, a local waterproof building materials manufacturer. The project relied on  a SopraSolar product which utilizes Uni-Solar’s flexible, thin-film PV laminates bonded to a Soprema membrane substrate. Uni-Solar claims that this product is ideally suited for applications on roofs with low lift and low slope to which traditional glass-based PV panels cannot fit. The end result is a rooftop full of power that reportedly doesn’t leak.

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