New York Schools Get Rooftop Solar

Installing solar power systems rooftops of schools and other public buildings is a planning strategy that seems to be gaining traction all across the US. Just recently, we’ve seen the roof of a Long Beach City College parking structure get covered in solar panels and the city of Tucson Arizona is reaching towards its renewable energy goals by outfitting the roofs of public schools in the area with solar power. We can now add six public schools in the South Country school district of New York to the list.

United Solar recently announced the completion of a 807 kilowatt solar power system that it says is expected to save the district more than $152,533 annually and provide carbon offsets of 824 metric tons per year.

New York School Solar

image via United Solar

The statement indicates the six systems are expected to provide over 948,000 kilowatt hours annually. That’s approximately 158,000 kwh of energy generated per school.

A web-based solar monitoring system was provided by Advanced Green Technologies who partnered with United Solar on the project. Each school got one of these monitoring systems which display real-time usage data. The monitors provide details on energy and cost savings which is hoped will function as a hands-on tool that will provide school visitors, students and staff  with a deeper understanding of solar technology and its environmental benefits.

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    u00a0Would like to study there if I was a student. Imagine a solar powered school? That would be great. Students can gain benefits from it, not only students, staff and everyone on that school could enjoy the advantages of solar power.nnGreat post. Keep sharing.

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