London Black Cabs Powered By Fuel Cells

Black cabs, which are quite a common sight in London, just got a little bit cleaner in regards to fuel choices. Intelligent Energy announced that certain black cabs powered by fuel cells, which are akin to yellow New York City taxis, have been awarded road legal status by the UK Vehicle Certification Authority (VCA). The first of the vehicles are covering around 8,000 miles of road, with the first fleet expected to be deployed in 2012.

We first reported on the vehicle back in 2010, and noted that the cars are an iconic part of the London experience. The fuel cell black cab has a 250 mile range and his hoping to capitalize on the image of the well-known vehicle, which has even been the topic of popular music.

image Intelligent Energy

Other taxi green offerings in recent times include Mercedes having debuted a high-end electric cab in London, electric taxis in Tokyo and even here in the United States when Better Place unveiled their plans in San Francisco.

As for the London fuel cell cabs. the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has stated his support for zero-emissions vehicles like fuel cell black cabs, and the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board has given Intelligent Energy’s project funding. The project is also supported by Lotus Engineering, London Taxis Internation and TRW Conekt.

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