Kelley Blue Book Picks Top Green Cars

The famous Kelley Blue Book has released its top choices for green cars this year, compiling a list of ten vehicles that not only have above-average fuel economy, but that are also appealing to the general public. The auto-report company said its choices were based on performance, safety and enjoyment.

The market research portion of Kelley Blue Book also released survey results that showed that higher fuel prices were starting to influence consumer’s choices when looking for new vehicles. On average, according to its data, new car owners are now looking for a minimum fuel economy of roughly 26 miles per gallon.

image via Nissan

The top ten choices from the Kelley Blue Book editorial staff are:

#1 – 2011 Nissan Leaf (99 mpg equivalent)
#2 – 2011 Chevy Volt (93 mpg equivalent)
#3 – 2011 Toyota Prius (50 mpg)
#4 – 2011 Lexus CT 200h (42 mpg)
#5 –  2011 Honda Insight (41 mpg)
#6 – 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid (39 mpg)
#7 – 2011 Volkswagen Golf TDI (34 mpg)
#8 – 2011 Hyundai Elantra (33 mpg)
#9 – 2012 Fiat 500 (33 mpg)
#10 – 2012 Ford Focus (31 mpg)

For more details behind the editor’s choices, visit the Kelley Blue Book’s website.

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