Introducing Green Ways and Words

We don’t know about you, but as consumers we’re tired of being advertised to… vs. businesses engaging us in a conversation about their products, ideas, and sustainable practices.  Successful branded content campaigns from BMW to Frito Lay have demonstrated the vast potential of this advertising medium.

Green Ways and Words on EarthTechling offers companies an opportunity to engage with green consumers and businesses seeking products and services that fit their values. Articles (including photos and videos) inform, engage, and influence your target audience.

Consumers are hungry for green news, green products, and companies committed to green practices. Today’s purchasers are willing to put their money where their values are.

  • Over 90% of EarthTechling readers say that environmental friendliness/green is a key factor when making a purchase.
  • 95% of EarthTechling readers choose EarthTechling because of personal interest in green tech.

Why Advertise on EarthTechling?

1. We have a quickly growing and loyal readership.

EarthTechling’s audience is rapidly expanding; we’ve seen an almost 300% growth in visitors and a 250% growth in pageviews from Fall 2010 to Spring 2011.   Thousands of people find their way to EarthTechling to read about everything from solar projects and wind farms to the best in green building and next generation green gadgets representing over 300k pageviews per month.

2.  Many inbound links and content syndication partners validate our high editorial quality.

The Huffington Post, Treehugger, TG Daily, Reuters, and international partners republish select EarthTechling articles.  The New York Times, Reuters, The Guardian UK, The Huffington Post, Treehugger, Al Gore’s Current TV, Smart Brief, and hundreds of other websites link to EarthTechling articles as references on green tech from renewable energy to green building and electric vehicles.

3. Credible, left of center coverage with opinions & news from all sides.

Our readers aren’t just latte-drinking liberals in major cities. (Although we do draw many and one of us probably drank a latte this morning.)    We welcome opinions on green tech from the GOP, Libertarians, and many liberal-leaning organizations via our columns. And EarthTechling’s editorial team reports both positive and negative news on clean tech.  Some interesting facts about our readers:

  • Over 40% of EarthTechling readers watch CNN for national news, 23% watch Fox News, 32% watch MSNBC, and 39% tune in to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.
  • 48% of EarthTechling visitors read the New York Times, 43% read the Huffington Post, and 30% choose The Wall Street Journal.
  • Over 80% have attended college, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree, or hold a graduate degree.
  • More than 80% of readers fall in the Baby Boomer and Gen X age ranges.
  • 65% of readers surveyed say, “I like drinking clean water and breathing clean air, so why are we debating clean tech?” while only 30% are eager to keep waging the debate over climate change.

Bottom line:  Green Ways and Words is a unique advertising vehicle intended to inform, influence, and entice people to choose your company, product, or service.

If you’re ready to try something newContact our Advertising Team for detailed reader demographics and for information on Green Ways & Words, Exclusive Topic Channel sponsorships, and limited Sitewide Sponsorships.

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