Greenpeace: Facebook Users Want Clean Energy

Greenpeace recently called on Facebook users to break the Guinness World Record for the number of comments made on a post in a single day, needing over 50,000 in order to meet that goal. At the time of this article, Greenpeace’s Unfriend Coal note has received over 70,000 comments in under twenty hours.

We recently reported that the social media giant publicly opened plans of its energy efficient data center in Oregon, and noted that Greenpeace has been pushing the company to abandon electricity generated from coal and nuclear power for months.

image via Greenpeace

According to the environmental organization, data centers and telecommunications networks will triple their energy consumption by 2020, and that Facebook is behind other companies in the computing sector, claiming Facebook is getting approximately 55% of its power from coal, next to Google’s 34% and Yahoo’s 12.7%.

Greenpeace is calling on Facebook to present a plan by Earth Day this year to phase out coal power consumption over the next ten years. No word yet from Guinness to verify the record, nor from Facebook about what this movement means for its overall strategy.

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    It really is difficult to take this article seriously especially when people posting were Asked to meet a Guiness World Record, & all of a sudden these same people by of a click of a button Want Clean Energy. No one ever bothered to quantify how much energy is being consumed by these users when accessing the internet on a daily basis. Everything needs to be plugged in, the battery has to be recharged. Next time THINK before writing such non-sensical and unanalyzed information.

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