Green IT Summit Focuses On Sustainable Tech

The upcoming Green IT and Cloud Council Computing 2.0 Summit, set for Washington D.C. April 20 and 21, is a two day event in which “leaders from the private and public sectors” will gather “to transform the ideas around sustainable information technology generated during the 2010 GreenGov Symposium into actionable plans.” This get together, of which we are a media sponsor, is being put on by the Green IT Council.

The greening of data centers and the concept of cloud computing as a way to help around energy efficiency are certainly two important green technology related ideas. To learn a little more about this, plus what will be going on at the Summit, we turned to Terell Jones, a member of the Council as well as director of infrastructure practices at EcomNets, with our questions.

image via Green IT Council

EarthTechling (ET); What exactly is the Green IT Council?

Terell Jones: The Green IT Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting energy efficient computing standards and guidelines, from the desktop to the data center, from hardware to software.  The mission is being committed to changing the way IT hardware and software is designed, manufactured, operated, and disposed of, to gain energy efficiency and cost savings while reducing the overall carbon footprint of your organization.

ET: What will the Green IT Summit focus on?

Jones: The Green IT and Cloud Computing 2.0 Summit 2011 will focus on compliance standards and best practices of green IT and cloud strategies for federal, state & local government, and corporate entities.  Attendees will gain insight into how real-world solutions for green IT and cloud computing solutions work.  Also, this summit hopes to dispel myths of the high cost of going green, and highlight the rapid ROI and TCO related to green IT strategies. In addition, attendees will learn about the latest best-of-breed green IT technology products and solutions.

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