GE Hybrid CFL The Turducken Of Lighting

You’ve heard of hybrid cars–now, meet the hybrid light bulb. Inspired, apparently, by customer feedback, the GE Hybrid Halogen-CFL is a combination halogen-CFL contained in an incandescent-shaped glass bulb.

Billed as “three bulbs in one,” this new hybrid bulb was designed to offer users the cost savings and energy-efficiency of a CFL with the immediate, instant-on brightness of incandescent bulbs. The bulb was created by placing an instantly-bright halogen capsule inside the swirled shape of compact fluorescent and housing the whole thing in an incandescent-shaped bulb–creating the lighting equivalent of the Turducken.

GE Hybrid Halogen-CFL bulb

image via GE

The halogen element, interestingly enough, is there simply to provide the instant fix we crave when we flip the switch, as it comes on instantly and turns off once the CFL comes to full brightness (thus preserving the energy efficiency of the bulb).

This new hybrid lighting technology will be available in GE Energy Smart, Soft White, and Reveal bulbs, starting–surprise, surprise–in the weeks leading up to Earth Day 2011 (April 22). Prices are expected to range $5.99-$9.99 per bulb, depending on product line and wattage.

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