Europe Plans For A Greener Tomorrow Today

The European Commission has released a major new plan that seeks to cut greenhouse gas emissions for all modes of transportation 60% by the year 2050. The plan focuses on three major areas – mobility within cities, travel between major towns, and long distance transport.

Covering road, rail, air and water networks within the European Union (EU), the transportation plan’s incredible scope is looking to fully integrate all aspects of transportation, including passenger and freight information, management and payment systems, and infrastructure.


image via EuroStar

By 2050, the plan calls to have all major airport and seaport hubs fitted to be able to connect with high-speed rail systems for freight and passengers, but that’s hardly the most ambitious goal. Under the new course of action airlines would need to increase the use of sustainable, low-carbon fuels by 40%, and the shipping industry would need to cut its carbon emissions by the same 40%.

The commission’s  road map also calls for cities to completely phase-out petrol cars by 2050, and shift around half of all passengers traveling distances of over 180 miles to go by water or rail modes. A basic overview of the commission’s actions can be found in a 30 page white paper, which is available to download in PDF form from the EU website.

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    Wow that is hard core… but then again that is not for another 40 years !nBring on the Super battery tech and 30% efficient thin film solar

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