EarthTechling Earth Videos: High Speed Rail

Our newest EarthTechling Earth Videos feature takes you on the rails at high speed via a series of interesting videos surrounding the buzz of this 21st century form of public transportation within the country. The idea of American high speed rail, recently brought to the forefront by President Obama’s vision to have 80 percent of Americans riding it within the next 25 years, faces a tough future after it was announced recently that billions of dollars in federal funds earmarked for related projects around the country were being cut.

California high-speed rail, Central Valley segment

image via California High-Speed Rail Authority

Currently there are eleven or so designated high speed rail corridors and many, including the California corridor and Chicago, have made great progress with plans for rail construction. Although the need for high-speed within the U.S. has long been questioned by politicians, many stakeholders have remained optimistic about the affect high-speed rail could have on the creation of jobs and reducing the country’s dependency on foreign oil.

We present you now some interesting videos found on YouTube related to high speed rail.

High Speed Trains Around the World

Economic benefits of High Speed Trains in U.S. Cities

USHSR Spotlight on High Speed Trains

3 Reasons Why Obama’s High-Speed Rail Will Go Nowhere Fast

California High-Speed Trains: Visual Tour


  • Reply April 21, 2011


    ObamaRail is DEAD! Good Riddance – apply those billions to our deficit and debt which is a better return on our money than rail boondoggles. We won the narrative and this is just the beginning of killing costly rail projects across the country. Rail – it COSTS TOO MUCH, DOES TOO LITTLE AND BENEFITS TOO FEW.nFix our roads that 98% of Americans use everyday. Americans do not want to be herded into trains that do not go where we want to go. Americans prefer their CARS!

    • Reply April 22, 2011


      Amazing how you are able to speak for 250 million Americans and can read their minds!! You should take that talent to the circus! A recent poll showed that 88% of Americans support high speed rail… that’s the reality vs. your conjecture not based on any facts… just your opinion.nnAmericans are sick and tired of being stuck in traffic, rising gas prices, and having to fight wars to maintain our supply of “cheap oil”. Its not really cheap if you have to spend a trillion dollars funding the military to secure the flow of oil, now is it. Americans are also sick and tired of dealing with the crumbling airlines and crappy service, never ending delays and cancilations, and bad treatment, invasive security checks, no leg room, non-existant food, and the rest of the horrible service that aviation has become. Americans want other choices like the rest of the civilized world – high speed rail. Time to wake up to the 21st century and shake off the dirty oil money you are swimming in. Time to move on out of the 19th century man!

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