EarthTechling Earth Videos: Green Cars

In a time when individuals frequently move from one place to another, people all over the world are looking for alternative options to current transportation methods. While mass transit is always a good option, not everyone is willing to embrace that choice. Enter therefore the green car concept.

In our newest Earthtechling Earth Videos installment, we focus on what is happening with technologies surrounding electric and hybrid vehicles, which serve as a leading potential solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower our carbon footprint and create a more fuel-efficient economy.

image via Chevrolet

An electric vehicle or EV uses an electric motor that must be charged, rather than being powered by gasoline. Although a hybrid has the ability to run for certain amounts of miles electrically by using a charged battery, the conventional engine provides gasoline power when there is a need for extra energy.

Although there are questions regarding the safety of the vehicle and the realism in grid re-structuring, the buzz surrounding EVs and hybrids is becoming more pervasive everyday. To get some ideas on this, we present you a short selection of videos around the green cars topic below for your consideration.

Plug-in Hybrids: Renewable Energy Solution of the Month

How the Smart Grid will power Electric Cars: eMobility

Electric engine, how does it work ?

Electric Cars Lead New Models in 2011

Electric Car – They Might Be Giants w/ Robin Goldwasser

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