Chevy: Volt Owners Rarely Use Gas

Chevrolet is claiming that the average Volt owner needs to only fill up their car with gasoline about once every month, or roughly every 1,000 miles. According to the company, 80% of Americans drive fewer than 40 miles a day, which would be just in the ballpark of the Volt’s all-electric capabilities.

The Chevy Volt has a top speed of 100 miles per hour when in electric mode, and a range of 35 miles when fully charged, but the company says the true capability of the plug-in hybrid could be between 25 and 50 miles.

image via Chevrolet

In order to highlight the potential performance the Volt has, the automaker is bragging about two owners – one in Florida and one in South Carolina. Steve Wojtanek of Boca Raton says he averages 122 miles per gallon in the vehicle, while Gary Davis of Greenville says he’s seeing a fuel economy of 547 miles per gallon. Impressive numbers for sure, but keep in mind the source of results aren’t exactly unbiased.

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  • Reply April 26, 2011

    Tina Dignon

    OPEC hates this car. The Japanese car companies hate GM for out-innovating them. Toyota’s answer (middle of next year) is a Prius with a 13 mile range battery (not 40-50), 15″ wheels (not 17″), 63 MPH speed limit (not 101), a very slow acceleration (not head snapping like the Volt), that is $1k more than a very well equipped Volt (after tax credit). GM did a great job on Version 1.1. They are already working on the next generation Volt. Prices will drop and battery range will get better over time.

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