Buick Unveils SUV Plug-In Hybrid Concept

Shanghai GM and the Pan Asian Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) have jointly developed a new plug-in hybrid concept vehicle called the Buick Envision SUV, which will appearing at this year’s Auto Shanghai convention.

The new plug-in hybrid has a dual automatic/manual eight-speed transmission, and is powered by a 2 liter direct injection turbocharged engining with two electric electric motor generations that operate when the car is started or in low speeds. The SUV is also fitted with a solar roof which can charge the battery, although the vehicle will still need to be plugged into a standard outlet for optimal use.

image via Buick

The all-wheel drive car is made with a carbon fiber, magnesium and aluminum chassis and has 22″ wheels. Equipped with LED lights, cameras instead of rearview mirrors, white leather interior, and a Bluetooth integrated touch-screen system, the Buick Envision comes with some luxury features.

GM also points out that the car’s design is based on the concept of “yin and yang” for color and appeal. Maybe that’s why the car has scissor-doors and the LED lights are “Chinese pillar-like” – whatever that means. In any case, it’s a sleek looking vehicle, but only time will tell if this vehicle actually becomes a reality.

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