5 Green Tech Stars To Know @ Green:Net ‘11

EarthTechling will be on the ground reporting live from Green:Net 2011 in San Francisco in just two weeks (We’re also a media partner). We take a closer look at five green technology companies flying just under the radar that will be speaking at the April conference since we’ve already written extensively about some of the other speakers from O Power and Google to Ford Motors and Tesla.

A123 Systems: How do electric vehicles work? Companies such as A123 Systems supply the horses in horsepower with their lithium ion batteries. A123 says that their batteries can be used for many purposes from commercial products to powering a next gen energy grid, but their batteries are most notable for being the juice powering Fisker Automotive’s Karma Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle.

Coda Automotive: Coda is the electric vehicle manufacturer you may not have heard about. Size wise, this four door sedan falls somewhere between a Nissan Leaf and a Chevy Volt. Coda’s current battery range falls between 90 and 120 miles depending on how you operate it, but it is a 100% electric vehicle. With a new round of funding closed in January and a key General Motors executive recently on board, the company may be poised to make a significant splash in the electric vehicle market.

Control 4: Have a yearning to control home power usage through your iPad, smart phone, or computer? Control 4 was one of the first companies we covered back in September 2009 who offers a smart home operating system for existing homes without the need for extensive remodeling. Their control system seems to work with just about every electronic device in your house from the thermostat to your Blu Ray player. Once the equipment is installed in a home, customers log in to their interface or access the app, turn off unneeded systems, and go. Many companies large and small have released similar applications, but Control 4 has rapidly expanded to over 70 countries and is now distributed in all 50 U.S. states. We’re looking forward to hear what’s next for smart home management from their team.

coda four-door sedan, GM veteran hired as CEO

image via CODA

Grid Net: Consumers aren’t the only ones who need help monitoring the smart grid. Utilities are, of course, essential players in this process. And that’s where Grid Net steps in. Their software networks together smart devices on the utility side from substation infrastructure to power meters and then coordinates these with homes and commercial buildings with distributed generation. The software enables the utilities to meet demand and advises consumers and businesses on how to optimize energy usage.

Silver Spring Networks: Silver Springs offers both the hardware and the software as well as tools for both power companies and customers to make the smart grid smarter. Imagine network interfaces on electricity and gas meters and you start to see the big picture. Utilities monitor real time usage and detect outages quickly while the Customer IQ Portal allows you to see how much energy you’re actually using so you can become more efficient. Because if you know how much energy you’re actually using in understandable numbers, then perhaps you’ll learn how to save money and reduce your environmental impact.

Green:Net 2011 will be held in San Francisco on April 21, 2011. Meet EarthTechling’s Editor in Chief Nino Marchetti there and be sure to read live coverage via Twitter if you aren’t able to make it.

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