2011 Biomass Map Shows 41 Projects

The Spring 2011 U.S. Biomass Power Map published by Biomass Power and Thermal magazine is set to be released shortly in the publication’s May issue. It details the most current in biomass projects, though some information has been released ahead of time.

First, BBI International states that, despite some ongoing regulatory and permit issues that may have caused some biomass developers to shelve or even cancel their projects entirely, the data provided by Biomass Power and Thermal shows that biomass development activities in the U.S. have increased by nearly 20 percent in the past six months. The Fall 2010 map showed 41 proposed projects, four of which were coal-to-biomass conversions. This spring edition shows those numbers are up with 49 projects and 10 conversions appearing on the map. In addition, the data shows that proposed projects that have moved on to the construction phase has increased from three to six in the six month period since the last map publication.

Fall 2010 Biomass Map

image via BBI

The spring map also shows the top 10 states with the most operating biomass plants and proposed projects. Those states are: California 22, Florida 16, New York 14, New Hampshire 14, Maine 11, Michigan 11, Massachusetts 10, Minnesota 9, Pennsylvania 9, and Connecticut 8.

In addition to its magazine publication in May, the Spring Biomass map will be distributed at the 2011 International Biomass Conference & Expo, which will be held May 2-5 in St. Louis. Copies of the map can also be obtained by emailing service@bbiinternational.com.

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