Veritas RS III The World’s Fastest Hybrid?

It’s looking like the world’s fastest hybrid car is set to hit the streets this summer. A recent article by the folks at Translogic indicates that a hybrid version of Vermot AG’s ridiculously fast Veritas RS III should be released later this year, with a  fully electric version planned for release in 2013. Though we haven’t been able find any evidence of the rumored hybrid, all-electric or coupe versions of the RS III on Vermot’s website, Translogic’s dish on the anticipated vehicles appears to hold water as they released a set of exclusive live photos of the elusive hybrid.

The gas-only version of the RS III boasts some pretty impressive specs. Its V10 507 HP engine will get you from 0-60 in under 3.2 seconds with a top speed of 215 MPH. Equally impressive is the roadster’s price: around $500,000 . A hybrid version would most certainly kick that sum up a few notches.

Veritas Hybrid

Image via Translogic

The hybrid version of the roadster would tack an electric engine on to the front of the vehicle to power the front wheels for city driving. and a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) would reclaim energy from the braking system to recharge the on-board batteries. The report goes on to indicate that Vermot says the hybrid will have a range of 31 electric-only miles before needing a recharge and that the hybrid pieces added on to the existing RS III model would tack on an additional  500 pounds or so. Despite the additional weight, the hybrid maintains its excellent 0-60 rating and only loses 10 mph from its top speed.

We’ll keep an eye on things at Vermot’s website and be sure to report on any official announcement by the company. For now, we’ll wait with guarded optimism and dream about what the all-electric model will look like when it comes around.

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    Steven Lyle Jordan

    That’s nice.

    Now, why don’t you boys quit goofing around and give us some affordable, gas-stingy hybrids. hm?

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