Tower In A Dam Re-Designs Hoover

eVolo Magazine’s Skyscraper Competition seeks out the best and boldest in architectural design, and this year, neither the first nor the second place winners were anything resembling a traditional skyscraper. The trend continues with the competition’s third place choice, the Tower in a Dam re-design of the world-famous Hoover Dam by Yheu-Shen Chua of the United Kingdom.

Currently, public amenities at the Hoover Dam–located on the border between Arizona and Nevada–consist of a viewing platform, a bridge, and a gallery scattered around the site. The Tower in a Dam redesign aims to reconfigure all of these areas by merging them into a single vertical super structure.

Tower in a Dam1

image via eVolo Magazine

The project consists, largely, of a series of containers through which visitors would move in learning about the dam and its history, as well as about the Colorado River. A central feature of the structure is a hanging tower suspended above the 700-foot drop beside the dam into the Black Canyon, which would be used as both a gallery and a vertical aquarium.

Tower in a dam

image via eVolo Magazine

The jury of the 2011 eVolo Skyscraper competition was formed by leaders in the fields of architecture and design, who selected 3 winners and 32 honorable mentions from a pool of 715 projects from 95 different countries. More information about the competition is available online.

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