The PARC Vision Of Clean Technology

The many office parks of the Silicon Valley hold a myriad of technology firms large and small trying to make a name for themselves in the annals of history. There are obvious giants like Apple and HP, but another player, Xerox, is one which can be credited with a chunk of the modern technology we take for granted. The company many are most familiar with in regards to copiers is also the founder of PARC, a research and development subsidiary that is independent and wholly owned. It has been known for inventions and game changers such as laser printing,  the graphical user interface and Ethernet connectivity.

PARC has recently turned its attention to the developing cleantech space, focusing on areas like an experimental system for modeling and evaluation of geothermal reservoirs. To get a better handle on what PARC has in mind around a cleantech tomorrow, we turned to Dr. Scott Elrod, who directs the organization’s efforts in this area.

image via PARC

EarthTechling (ET): What is the Cleantech Innovation Program at PARC?

Scot Elrod: Launched in 2005, PARC’s Cleantech Innovation Program is a broad portfolio of technology projects aimed at solving a number of pressing environmental problems. From solar power to clean water to renewable fuel to data center optimization, PARC is delivering cost-effective and manufacture-able solutions for a number of commercial clients.

ET: How did PARC come to get involved in cleantech research?

Elrod: A group of PARC scientists initiated a grassroots effort to explore how they could leverage their expertise to address environmental issues. This evolved into PARC’s Cleantech Innovation Program, combining PARC researchers’ in-depth technical expertise, industry know-how and passion to solve cleantech problems across a number of markets.

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