Smart Grid Education Program Offered

Silver Spring Networks launched an educational program earlier this year called A Smart Energy Future, designed to increase the general public’s knowledge about smart grid technology. The program was created with the help of the Education Development Center, a non-profit group that focuses on health and economic development.

At the moment, three high schools in California, and two in Ohio, have been selected to use the initial program. A Smart Energy Future is divided into two parts: the first encourages students to develop material that they can use to education their community about smart grid technology, and the second helps students prepare for jobs within the industry. Free to educators, interested teachers can request a copy of the curriculum on the program’s website.

image via SIlver Spring Networks

The so-called smart grid is essentially a network of devices that communicate between the energy provider and the energy consumer in order to regulate peak times of electrical use. Not everyone is convinced that smart meter data will be used in the most effective, consumer-friendly manner. While the data can be used to inform users of when best to use energy, it could also be potentially cause more trouble then it is worth.

Last year, we reported that the U.S. federal government had to set up regulations for data privacy and consumer access. Homes across the globe are being fitted with the new devices, making the topic an important part of eco-friendly advancements, but also something in need of monitoring for potential abuses.

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