Samsung Notebook Gets Some Eco Praise

A new Samsung notebook has gotten some green marks in that it has earned TCO certification.  TCO is an organization that offers its certification to IT products that satisfy their requirements for green technology while still performing as well, if not better, than conventional cousins. In the case of Samsung’s new notebook, TCO offered its certification because it offers an exceedingly bright screen without drawing excessive power.

The new notebook, which Samsung calls Series 9 Notebook, comes with a 13.3″ display screen that Samsung officials say is  “two times brighter than conventional displays”.

Samsung Series 9

image via Samsung

The screen, aside from being incredibly bright, can also reproduce 16 million colors and boasts a contrast ratio of 1,300:1- both are factors in making a generally high-quality image as opposed to one that is simply super bright. While TCO didn’t release power consumption specifics,  it did say it awarded its certification label to the notebook because it “delivers superior brightness…while not compromising any key performance or environmental features.”

In addition to achieving the notoriously difficult-to-earn green certification, the Series 9 Notebook manages to offer some other attractive features. It is super thin and weighs just 2.89 lbs. Under the hood is an Intel Core i-5 CPU, a 128 gig solid state hard drive, 4 gigs of RAM and an Intel HD graphics card all running on Windows 7. It went on sale earlier this month for a relatively hefty $1,649.00 MSRP.

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