Pennsylvania Adds New EV Charging Stations

Thanks to the EV Project,  we’ve seen quite a few electric vehicle (EV) charging stations recently installed along the west coast and in Texas, Tennessee and Washington D.C.. Many east coast states, however, haven’t seen that installation activity quite that dense. That could be changing though, as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia will now each see their share of 66 new EV charging stations as a result of a partnership recently struck between the commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection and EV charging station maker 350Green.

350Green said they will be providing 22 fast chargers and 44 Level 2 charging stations to be installed in “high-traffic urban shopping areas predominantly in and around Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, close to where commuters live and work.” The location choices are strategic and part of 350Green’s theory that the stations will prove most useful in places where people shop, run errands and are generally in and out in around 30 minutes. This approach is similar to what they are also utilizing in their San Francisco installations.

2011 Chevrolet Volt Battery Animation

image via Argonne National Laboratory

The state’s goal of bringing emissions down to levels 30% lower than in 2000 by 2020 was part of the motivation for the partnership. 350Green said that projections show 33,00 EV vehicles hitting the streets of Pennsylvania by 2015, with that number increasing to an estimated 400,000 by 2020. If those numbers hold true, 350Green’s estimates show 1.6 million cumulative tons of CO2 would be eliminated per year. That should get the state close to their reduced emissions goal, but they’ll need a successful EV charging infrastructure to make it happen.

This first phase of installing  66 charging stations will end up creating about six new jobs in Pennsylvania,  but 350Green has also committed to using local vendors and contractors for the project. The second phase will focus on putting more charging stations in the cities and towns that link Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

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