Nova Scotia Tidal Power Being Developed

The Atlantis Resource Corporation, a UK-based firm, has won the fourth, and final test bed location for a large tidal power project in Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy. Atlantis joins the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) project alongside Nova Scotia Power with Open Hydro of Ireland, Minas Basin Pulp and Power with Marine Current Turbines, and Alstom of France to test the energy potential of the Bay of Fundy, located just northeast of the coast of Maine between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

The Bay of Fundy has an estimated 8,000 megwatts (MW) of tidal power available if used at full capacity; the Atlantis Corporation, however, will be testing in Minas Passage, a smaller cove outside Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, which has a predicted 200 MWs worth of potential energy. Once operational, the FORCE project will have laid the groundwork for the largest in-stream tidal power capacity in the world.

Image via Government of Nova Scotia

The Atlantis Corporation is partnering with Lockheed Martin and Irving Shipbuilding to design, manufacture, install, and operate a 1 MW AK-1000 Mark II Turbine, which is currently planned on being deployed in the summer of 2012. This summer, the FORCE project is schedule to install four subsea transmission cables to connect the other tidal power projects in the area to the electrical grid.

This news comes just after Atlantis announced a 50 MW facility in India earlier this year. Deployed under the water, the turbine-technology is being tested by other companies in New York, among other places. Tidal power seems to be on the rise with new prototypes being developed that don’t employ tradition turbines, like one in England that looks like a kite.

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    Tidal-poweru00a0 is the way to go 8000 MW .WOW That is awesome .a high cost to getting it done .but the rewards are worth it .generating power from the sea .how great is that .you can’t get any greener than that ,keep up the good work you .thank you for helping our Planet earth .it is in need of people like you .if its to survive .

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