KB Home Thinks Solar Power Is An Answer

Solar power as a standard feature in a new home? Yes, please. Mega-homebuilder KB Home has stepped up to the renewable energy plate in Southern California with the announcement that solar photovoltaic (PV) systems will now come standard in ten different new home developments.

KB Home communities that already include solar PV systems are Newbury at the Enclave (in Eastvale), Manzanita at Paseo del Sol (in Temecula) and Monterey at Otay Ranch (in Chula Vista). Five more Southern California communities featuring solar power systems in every home are slated to open over the next two months, and two more are expected to do so this fall.

Newberry Home by KB Homes

image via KB Homes

While KB Home has offered solar power systems as an option for homebuyers in select communities in California and Colorado for a number of years now, this marks the first time it will build entire communities featuring solar power systems in every home. SunPower Corp. is no doubt happy to be providing the attendant solar tech, which could could also help qualify homeowners for a federal tax credit (pending upcoming legislation).

The home builder notes that if consumers respond as positively as expected to the financial and environmental advantages of these homes in the marketplace, it plans to expand this solar initiative to its other markets across the country. While we aren’t always a fan of housing sprawl, if you are going to go down that route, putting at least some green thought into it is better then none at all.


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    Make Solar Panels

    The likely impact solar will have on your home value. Generally speaking, solar panels reduce a homeu2019s cost of ownership and, accordingly, increase its value.

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    KB Home Sucks

    KB Home a Solar Installer? They must be joking! The lack of response by an entire Board of Directors at KB Home for over 2 years? They take your money and build you a Lemon, then donu2019t want to fix it correctly because there are so many defects it canu2019t be fixed. http://www.akbhomesucks.com My HAVC system was wired up completely wrong? After it blew up 4 consecutive years in the height of summer heat, it was discovered the wrong size transformers used causing electrical bill to be 900% higher.

  • Reply February 23, 2012


    KB Home can’t even properly repair a home they built so I wouldn’t trust them to offer expensive extras to be added into the cost of the home or for home buyers to be charged extra for. This is just something else that could go wrong and given our experience with KB Home, this is just another thing for potential homebuyers to get screwed on because it isn’t done correctly, they cheap out on the quality or they won’t stand behind it if it fails.

    Here’s more information on our experience with KB Home . . .

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