iPad Case Made Of Bamboo A Car Mount Also

A strong bamboo frame and a supple animal-friendly faux-leather cover are two key elements of the Ekocase2 iPad case, creating a classic, book-style shape.

The design–suitable for both the original iPad and iPad 2–allows for complete access to all buttons and ports, and doubles as a stand for hands-free viewing.


image via Kickstarter

Even better is the fact that the Ekocase2 can be used as a convenient universal car mount–just fold back the cover, pull the strap over the head rest, and enjoy the view from the backseat.

The Ekocase2 is available in Red-Orange, Green, Blue, and Black. There is, however, a catch–this case is only available through Kickstarter. According to Good Clean Tech, this means that you can donate funds towards making this design a reality, and if the company behind the Ekocase2 manages to raise its goal of $6,900, you’ll get your case. (If not, you’ll be reunited with your cash).

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