IKEA Gets Its Own Wind Power Plant

We’ve reported on IKEA’s solar and geothermal initiatives, as well as its move away from power-hungry incandescent light bulbs. Now comes the clean energy word that the Swedish home-furnishing giant is building a wind power plant.

IKEA is already pretty heavily invested in wind – according to the Financial Times, it bought six German plants in 2010 and four French plants in 2009, giving it 52 turbines that together provide around 10 percent of its electricity. But the latest announcement is a partnership, with wind-power developer O2, to build a new plant on Raven Mountain in Dalarna, Sweden.

wind power plant, Sweden, Ikea, O2

image via O2

IKEA said the new plant was expected to begin operation in early 2012 with nine turbines. Bloomberg reported the plant would produce around 70 gigawatt-hours of electricity annually, equal to the amount of power used by 17 IKEA stores.

“With our own wind farm in Sweden, we get a long-term source of renewable energy for our business,” said Peter Agne Mountain, chief executive of IKEA Swedish Sales. “In addition, it offers us the opportunity to transfer the economic benefit of electricity from our own wind farm in lower prices to our customers.”

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    Wish all manufacturers adopted this approach. Ikea is an early adopter and as a result, a leader.

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