IBM Helping College With Smart Buildings

IBM recently announced their intentions to help McMaster University make their buildings as smart as their students. The collaboration between IBM and the Canadian university aims to improve the supply and use of energy in the buildings across the entire campus.

To pull this off, IBM will debut a newly developed analytics technology which will reveal details about a building’s inefficiency in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions at a deeper level than traditional energy analytics are capable of.  The tool was created to make a comprehensive assessment of a building’s energy use by looking at a variety of factors such as heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water, lighting and elevator use.

McMaster University

Image Via McMaster University

IBM says that, in the UK, buildings account for over 45% of all carbon dioxide emissions and that, by 2025, buildings will use more energy than any other category of “consumer”. The new analytic tools, as part of IBM’s Green Sigma consulting services, are intended to enable clients to reform their building’s energy use and perhaps put a dent in that statistic.

The joint effort is part of McMaster U’s broader initiative to promote sustainability on campus. According to, the institution also employs a full-time sustainability manager and uses Energy Star-qualified products, environmentally preferable paper products, and EPEAT-certified computers and electronics.

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