High Speed Rail In Vegas Hits Blackjack

Nevada Senator Harry Reid and U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood recently publicly announced the Federal Railroad Administration’s final environmental impact statement for the $6 billion high-speed DesertXpress project, which will connect Las Vegas to Southern California. The release of the statement represents a significant moment in President Obama’s transportation initiative, making the construction of high-speed rail within the United States one step closer to breaking ground.

By providing passenger rail transportation along an approximate 200-mile corridor, the DesertXpress will be used as an alternative to the frequently congested travel along highway I-15, and a mere 85-minute travel-time between Victorville, California, and Las Vegas.


image via DesertXpress Enterprises

Billions of dollars have already been set aside for the development of high-speed rail, which is predicted to create thousands of quality jobs and serve as a major engine for economic development throughout the country. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, over 30 companies have already committed to creating and expanding U.S. rail manufacturing if given portions of the funds. Further funding requests in coming years could put the total cost of a nationwide network of high speed rail trains even further into the cost stratosphere.

Although there has been no specific date announced for the beginning of the construction of the corridor, the six-years spent by federal and state agencies on developing this area are wrapping up. It is hoped the start of construction of DesertXpress will begin at the end of 2011.

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    Desert Xpress is a train to nowhere (like Alaska’s “Bridge To Nowhere”). it will cost billions, but no one will use it, because it doesn’t take you to any place other than the small community Victorville without any connection anywhere else. To get to LA or Anaheim, you will have to hire a car and drive the rest of the way. Whats more this half-way trip takes 85 minutes while the far superior and by Nevada/Las Vegas, Anaheim and Victorville residents far more popular, Maglev alternative takes you double the distance all the way to Anaheim and the metro rail link connection in 81 minutes. Maglev is enviromentally far superior, It is also Earthquake safe, It can’t derail. It’s cheaper in maintenance and personell cost, and the construction cost is on par with the Desert Xpress. Further the proposed route connects with at least three airports, Desert Xpress with none. Why let Senator Reid push through an already failed project? Support the Maglev alternative. Take America in to the future, Sn. Reid wants the US to fall behind.

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