Google Tests Cordless EV Charging Station

It has happened with phones, irons, power tools, toothbrushes and, now, EV charging stations. A sort of rite of passage for most widely adopted tools is that they eventually go cordless but, in the case of the electric vehicle (EV) charging station, going cordless won’t wait.  Virgina based Evatran announced that they’ve developed a technology they call “Plugless Power” and they’ve convinced the folks at Google to try it out at their Mountain View, CA headquarters.

Evatran says that the technology is based on electromagnetic induction, a process by which voltage is created by a conductor moving through a magnetic field. It’s a familiar concept in the world of electricity. In fact, all electric motors are based around it but Evatran has tweaked it to work as a new EV charging technology.  The process is as simple as pulling up to a fixed charging station. From there, the vehicle charging begins automatically. There’s no cord and no plug to deal with, a convenience that Evatran thinks “is needed for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.”

Plugless-Power concept

image via Evatran

To take advantage of Evatran’s Plugless Power solution, EVs have to undergo what is said to be a simple retro-fitting process. For the purpose of this trial run, Google will have one of their many low-speed, short-range electric vehicles retrofitted to work with the Plugless Power station. If the technology catches on, Evatran could end up supplying Google with more retro-fits and more cordless charging stations.

Evatran says that “most” EV and extended range, plug-in hybrids are eligible for the retrofit that would allow them to use the Plugless Power system. Looking forward, Evatran is working with EV manufacturers to incorporate their technology into mass-market EVs by 2012.

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  • Now that’s the future!
    Most companies tend to follow, Evatran inovates!
    Yes, I know… This technology already exists for cellular phones!
    But now, at least, we’ll have it ready for vehicules!

    Jonathan RE/MAX Rivard

  • TOYOTA should get involved with this kind of technology!

    Ohhh! And don’t buy/lease the Prius since it isn’t up to it’s stats!
    Mine does an awful 5.6L/100km while it should be doing an amazing 3.8L/100km!!!
    That’s a shame!
    I truly hope Toyota will stop mediatizing false info!

    Jonathan RE/MAX Rivard

  • Yes…
    And for those skeptics out there…
    I do know & apply the “Pulse & Glide” technique too!

    Toyota ought to stop lying about it’s low consumption…
    2010 Prius 3rd Gen. isn’t up to it’s performance!
    Believe me… There’s nothing to brag about!

    Jonathan RE/MAX Rivard