Geneva Auto Show: Volkswagen Giugiaro Go!

Volkswagen’s partnership with Italdesign Giugiaro has debuted a new electric vehicle called the Go! at this year’s Geneva Auto Show. The Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) Go! is what some would call a mini-mini-van, but that name probably doesn’t sound as good for at an international auto show.

The all-electric Go! can travel up to 150 miles at a full charge, and is powered by Volkswagen’s proprietary Blue-e-motion, which is also featured in their recent Golf model. Batteries for the vehicle sit beneath the passenger seats. A zero emission car approximately twelve feet long – a bit shorter than something like a Toyota Scion – the Go! has space for up to four people in bucket seats.

image via Italdesign Giugiaro

A top speed of 80 mph certainly limits this car to urban areas, but with its roomy interior the Go! may be a smart fit for those needing seats over power. Powered by a lithium-ion battery and an engine with 260 Nm of torque, the vehicle won’t win any street races, but it is sufficient for getting around town.

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