Geneva Auto Show: Toyota Prius+ MPV Hybrid

The Toyota Prius brand, going strong since it launched in Japan in 1997, earlier this year debuted in North America several new models of hybrids under this moniker. It is now doing the same thing in Europe, with one of these new ones being the Prius+.

The Prius+, which Toyota offered a sneak peek at prior to the start of the Geneva Motor Show, is a seven seater passenger vehicle built from the ground up as a full hybrid and that is very similar to that of the North American Prius v. It will be available in Europe in the first half of next year, making use of the automaker’s latest iteration of its Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain. No specifications where available, however, on exactly what kind of gas mileage this vehicle will get when it comes to market.

Toyota Prius+

image via Toyota

Toyota did say of the Prius+ that it will have three independent, split/folding second row seats and a 50:50 split/folding third tier, designed to provide what is described as a significant increase in space and passenger accommodation. On the outside of the vehicle, which is designed to help this hybrid reportedly get the lowest fuel consumption of any seven-seater on the market, is an extended roofline with “an integral, panoramic sunroof, retaining the iconic Prius triangle silhouette.”

Toyota also noted that this vehicle features the first lithium-ion battery pack to be incorporated within a non-plug-in Toyota full hybrid. The compact battery is housed underneath the centre console between the driver and the front passenger.

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  • Reply March 7, 2011


    Any idea if this will ever come to the US?

    • Reply March 9, 2011


      I have read that it will only be available in the US in the 2 row version. I am encouraging others to call Toyota and request that the US receive the 3-row version as well.

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