Geneva Auto Show: Toyota iQ EV Prototype

Toyota, which put out ahead of the Geneva Motor Show information about an electric vehicle prototype based upon its iQ body design, now has released more details about this car. It is described as “combining compact city car agility with zero emissions and the easy, silent driving of a fully electric vehicle for four passengers.”

The Toyota iQ EV Prototype has front wheel drive provided by a 47kW permanent magnet synchronous electric motor powered by an 11kWh capacity and a 270V lithium-ion battery located beneath the seats. It accelerate from 0-100km/h in 14 seconds, has a maximum speed of 125km/h and has a driving range of up to 105km.

Toyota iQ EV

image via Toyota

The vehicle has what is called a new, flat battery design that won’t take up space in the small car. Also, two charging sockets catering for 100/200V AC and quick charge DC power are located at the very front of the vehicle. They allow the vehicle to be fully charged from a 200V supply in four hours, and 80% charged from a DC quick charge station in about 15 minutes.

As for deployment plans, Toyota said its new EV will undergo trials in Europe, Japan and the United States during 2011.

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    Toyota Place

    u00a0Having driven one,n I think it’s a better Smart than a Smart, the rear seats do work for modestn trips and the ride, whilst a little choppy due to the short wheel base isn agreeable.u00a0nThe weight of a battery underneath might have a damping effectn that raises the cars ride quality. Can’t wait to see it but it needs 100 milen range IMO.u00a0n

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