Geneva Auto Show Green Car Photo Gallery

The 2011 Geneva Motor Show this year was a showcase in green car technologies. All the usual types of green cars you’d expect – be it hybrids or electrics – were present, as well as exotic supercars fueled by biofuels. A good portion of the vehicles were ones which will be in production at some point, but a good number as well were concept studies whose design ideas and features will ultimately be incorporated into other cars from the same manufacturer.

image via Rolls Royce

One thing which seemed to be prevalent from the multitude of green cars heading towards production or concept or both, is that automakers both large and small recognize there is a market for their vehicles, and that they are moving to embrace it. While it isn’t exactly clear which type of green car technology will ultimately be of most interest to drivers around the world – and it may very well vary by country as to whether hybrids or electric or more popular – auto manufacturers from BMW and Toyota on down to niche players like Fisker Automotive are preparing for the fact someone will buy their cars.

The images presented below in our 2011 Geneva Auto Show wrap up photo gallery represent some of the more interesting vehicles we’ve written about in the last week or so. Links are provided for your reference on each specific photo page – which you can get to by clicking on the various auto images below – to the related story written about that car.

All images via their respective auto manufacturers

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