Geneva Auto Show: Courb C-ZEN

At this year’s Geneva Auto Show French automaker Courb debuted their new electric vehicle concept, the C-ZEN, that’s powered by U.S. lithium battery manufacturer Valence. The concept car first came to our attention through a separate report.

According to Valence, the two-seat vehicle was designed with the Austin, Texas based battery company in-mind in order to capitalize on its reportedly long-lasting energy storage technology. The C-ZEN has a projected range of 125 miles, which is a bit under other electric models debuted in Switzerland, such as the Volkswagen’s Go!, but more than Toyota’s iQ EV.

Image via Valence Technology

The 15 kW electric motor will allow the C-ZEN to reach a top speed of 68 miles per hour, not exactly a racing model despite its sporty design. In fact, the somewhat limited speed of the vehicle is surprising when comparing the vehicle to the new VW Bus that is reported to reach almost 90 mph.

Valence is said to have been working with Courb on the project for two years now, helping perfect the company’s patented lithium iron magnesium phosphate (LiFeMgPO4) battery, which reportedly boasts a three to four times longer life than traditional lithium cobalt products. Currently, the C-ZEN can be legally driven in European countries, but no word on when the vehicle will get American clearance.

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