Geneva Auto Show: BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

BMW is debuting their new concept car, the Vision ConnectedDrive, at the Geneva Auto Show. We reported about possible features earlier this year, and so far, those initial details are still slow to be released. The vehicle’s main goal, it seems, is to further connect the driver and passenger to the ever expanding connective network that lends assistance information to those in the car.

One of the car’s best features, however, has little to do with interior technology. The design team must have been excited about the new Tron 3D movie, or maybe just visionary futurists, because the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive is a sleek machine. A streamlined body with muscle-car undertones, this vehicle certainly stands out amount other, perhaps more practical, models being showcased in Geneva.

image via BMW

As noted in our original report, BMW has issued PDFs about the car, some of which you might feel a little overwhelmed reading (we did). What is known is that the car will feature a heads-up display that projects three dimensional information into the field of view for the driver and passengers. For example, the semi-augmented reality display can show exactly which road the driver should look for when turning.

image via BMW

With safety in mind, the two seater roadster will also give the passenger several options for information, such as directions, so that the driver can focus on the road. The passenger can send information to the driver’s display when necessary, and even send multiple pieces of data that can be resized in order of importance in the three dimensional display.

Also of note, from a design perspective, are items like headlights and rear lights with integrated sensors monitoring the traffic and external environment; two antennas, in place of wing mirrors, providing a data link to the surrounding environment; and sliding doors that disappear into the body of the car so it can be driven with the doors open.

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