GE Ecomagination: Adhoco Energy Management

We’ve seen plenty of home energy management systems here at ET, but this is the first we’ve come across that combines adaptive home automation with security features. The Adhoco system-which controls your lights, blinds, windows, and heating in each room–is a contestant this year in the GE Ecomagination Challenge.

The system consists of a central unit; sensors in each room; actuators that receive commands from the central unit and turn lamps on, make blinds move or start ventilation; and optional, room by room remotes. The Adhoco system requires no special skills to install, as the whole thing is wireless, adhering to global standards for automation and embedded controls such as OSGi and Zigbee (so products from other manufacturers can also be integrated into the system).


image via Adhoco

The system’s sensors pay attention to the way you and and members of your household habitually use the individual rooms of your house, and automatically adjusts temps and lighting systems to maximize energy savings without sacrificing comfort (we assume, like most home energy management systems, this one includes a manual over-ride). The system can also use its automatic control over your lights and even window blinds to simulate occupancy when you’re not home, and works like a traditional home security alarm system should intruders invade.

A portal allows users to view energy usage and other information on the web, but is equally accessible without a computer, via the cable that supplies the control unit with power, which doubles as a broadband Internet connection.

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