Funky Plastic Tree Wants You To Unplug

You have many things to plug in, we know. So why not plug them into a white plastic tree that sprouts from your electrical socket and alerts you when you’ve used too much juice?

Yeah, we have some mixed feelings about this, too. On one hand, the RAMO Branch Multi-tap concept by designer Eunsung Kwon (which comes to us via Yanko Design) is a pretty cool idea–a modular, expandable surge-portector-like device that blinks either green or red, based on how long you’ve left an appliance plugged in.

ramos energy tree

image via Yanko Design

On the other hand, this device seems kind of big and clunky, and surely not very well-suited to many of the cramped environments where plugs seek sockets in our homes–behind cabinets and couches, etc.

Also, as long as we’re getting into eco-consciousness at the plug, why not give this device an automatic shut-off feature for appliances that have pulled too much juice? Those little green an red LED lights are nice, but not if you can’t see them.

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